Acidic Saturday 30th January 2016

Yes we’re back to kick off 2016 in style!!!


Tassid comes from Portsmouth UK. He got into DJing after his early experiences at free parties and squat parties, where London Underground techno and acid techno was the main sound. He fell in love with the music in those early days and has been into that sound ever since!
His main influences are the Stay Up Forever Collective including Chris, Aaron and Julian Liberator, D.A.V.E the Drummer, Guy McAffer, Rowland the Bastard, Ant, DDR and Lawrie Immersion etc, but Tassid has also taken influence from some good Schranz producers such as Boris. s and Arkus.P.
Tassid has been making techno for fun for many years, but in 2009 he upgraded his studio and is now a full on producer in his own right.
He is the co-founder of System Rejects vinyl label alongside Austin Corrosive, Olly Berry and MK 303, and he is the owner of Skuxx digital label on 909london.com. As well as his own labels, Tassid has releases on other labels such as, Corrosive Records, Cluster, Cluster 909, Stereo Chaos, Interstate One, Impact UK, and Acid Test
In recent years Tassid had been getting back into DJing and is continually pushing his own style of London Underground Techno and Acid!!

Bad Boy “Pete”

Pete (“Bad Boy” Pete) got into the sounds of London’s Pirate Radio Hardcore from 1992, after which he got his first set of decks. From then on, his musical journey evolved through early Jungle Techno, Acid Techno, and Hard Techno, all the way to fast BreakTek. He started his own label Getafix Records around 2002, while also releasing on some of the respected London, American, and Polish Techno labels.

His current projects include Anarko Dub Tekno, and Champion Breaks, showcasing his productions and collaborations with cutting-edge artists to release Hard Dub Techno, Breakbeat Tekno, and Acid Breaks. In all his tracks, you can still hear, and feel the power of the inner city tensions, that gave birth to our proud musical heritage!

Matt Acidic

DJ Acidic, AKA Matt Dawes, first started mixing soon after attending an illegal rave in 1994. Being totally inspired by what he saw and heard, Matt was quickly hooked into the scene and purchased a pair of turntables to begin teaching himself how to mix on vinyl.

Matt’s career to date has been heavily influenced by the London Techno scene with Acid Techno being his favourite style to DJ, although he is well know across the dance scene for his mixing skills and some amazing sets consisting of Breaks, Psy Trance, Electro and House music.

Matt’s career started to take off in the year 2000 when he was given the opportunity to showcase his skills at Lunacy. Since then he has been booked by numerous clubs in the South West, London and Sheffield, and is well known for his unique ability to seamlessly blend one track into the next while never losing sight of the effect his mixing has with club goers. Consistently perfecting his technical skills and creating some fantastic sets with various effects sees him regularly whip the crowds up into a frenzy.

Following his success at Lunacy, Matt quickly gained a residency spot at Oblivious as well as securing regular sets at Acid Test, Homegrown, Species, Cyberdog, Beats Reality, Underground City, Tribe of Frog, Antiworld, Wonka Vision, Excessive and Shroom to name but a few! A massive highlight in Matt’s DJing career has to be performing on the Arcadia stage at the Glade festival in 2009.

In between mixing and music production DJ Acidic is also the founder and promoter of ACIDIC, Bristols leading bi-annual underground techno event which takes place at AREA 81, The Packhorse. It’s one of Bristols best kept secret venues run by the Hells Angels. The ACIDIC nights are legendary and are now running into their 14th year with the next event planned for April 2016 with a line up as fat as they come.

As if this doesn’t keep him busy enough, DJ Acidic is also the creative founder of The Rave Yard @ Boomtown Fair. The Rave Yard started as a micro venue with a 5K Sound system hidden away in the woods, but due to the popularity of the music that Matt is pushing and the DJs that he is booking, this is all set to change. 2015 will see Matt working in close collaboration with festival creators to pave the way to create the largest Acid Techno stage the UK’s festival circuit has ever witnessed!!! With a line up in 2016 which will blow away the cobwebs and be a treat for all old skool rave & techno loving enthusiasts.

When not performing, he spends his spare time in the studio creating his own music… with collaborations due for digital release later this year with the likes of Acid Ted on Acid Test. Matt is also starting to collaborate with the other DJs and producers and we hope to see more tunes released in 2016 with the likes of Cyber Steve and Dynamic Intervention ….Matt is also starting a label under the name of Rave Yard Records so what more is there to say other than watch this space….. Hope to see you on the dance floor!

For all dj bookings please contact: Matt on email: matt@djacidic.co.uk
For information on Acidic please contact: matt@acidicsoundsystem.co.uk
For information on the Rave Yard please contact: matt@theraveyard.co.uk

Dynamic Intervention

Bristol based Mik Cree has been recording and Dj’ing under the Dynamic Intervention guise for the last 20 years; releasing countless tracks and dropping beats at events all across the globe.

Known for his distinctive underground 303 driven style, he has been one of the most prolific Hard House / NRG / producers in the UK, collaborating with many over the years (Captain Tinrib, Choci, Andy Farley, Paul Glazby, Justin Bourne, Acid Ted….) with over 100 releases on labels such as Tidy, Vicious Circle, Tripoli Trax, Cannon, Public House, Acid Test, Stay up Forever, and his own Dip recordings.

2015 is set to be an exciting year for Mik, with tracks already lined up for release incorporating Acid Techno and Psy Trance as well as his Trademark NRG sound.
Playing the Raveyard stage at the Boomtown Festival will be a highlight, as well as
regular nights, Acidic, Ripsnorter, and Tribe of Frog.

Cyber Steve

Cyber Steve’s dj career started back in the early 90’s with the free party sound system Cyber Sounds. Based in Holland he was influenced by Dutch/Belgium techno & London acid techno scene. This saw Cyber Steve take his free party sound system all across Europe dj’ing at hundreds of parties in the free party scene.

During the late 1990’s Cyber Steve progressed the parties into the club scene with the launch of a night called Cohesion. The night was to be a big hit turning into one of the UK’s leading Acid techno nights. Cohesion hosted a variety of events showcasing Acid Techno alongside many other genres including Techno, Drum and Bass, Reggae and Punk. He was also heavily involved with the creation of Underground city, a collaboration seeing the likes of Cohesion and Skankadelic join forces to showcase some of the UK’s leading underground dance music.

Cyber Steve has produced many tunes over the years on some leading underground Techno labels such as the Cohesion record label Coh.uk Recordings, Wah Wah, Stay up forever Remixes, Snap n crackle, BR909 and many more.

Watch this space for future releases as 2015 see’s a return to the studio as Cyber Steve is planning a re-launch of the Cohesion record label with tunes already written for other labels and downloads.

Cyber Steve will also be releasing under the name K.A.S.R. (Killing All System Rules)

Miss Demeanour

Dj Anita

Dr G


Pete D

There we have it i hope you can all come and show your support and help us get rid of the January Blues and get 2016 rolling in style!

Big Love Matty A x

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Acidic Saturday 18th April 2015

We are back in April to celebrate 13 years of Acidic Parties with no holding back!
we have some of the best underground djs coming to help us celebrate in style!

List so far:::







Dj Teknonotice







As one of the most exciting in a new breed of producers making an impact on the techno industry, 3Phazegenerator draws from a powerful collection of original material and heavyweight remixes.

His unique cutting edge sound has made him in demand from labels across the globe. His dj sets have a living, pulsing organic power and have earned him a loyal following even beyond the realms of techno.

This artform as he calls it embraces unusual and flowing textures with intricate dark pulsing rhythms that seem to run in thier own time yet are at once deeply comforting and hook the dance floor.

Hailing from the UK his style has been blasting across Europe for the last 6 years.
His prescense as a performer has a reputation for inciting crowds, giving a freshness that is always remembered.


Miss Monument burst onto the underground in 2005 and progressed rapidly making a name for herself within the Breakbeat scene – and DJ’s regularly alongside top acts such as Stanton Warriors, Deekline, Ed Solo, The Freestylers, and Rennie Pilgrem among a few – having taken her music across all corners of theworld, from China through to Miami. This year Miss Monument has been pushing her beats across Thailand, Columbia, Ibiza – and in London plays regularly for Supatronix and Hot Cakes, played at the Notting Hill Carnival, and DJs regularly for the Rotten Hill Gang, playing at their Soundclashes with Don Letts and Dreadzone. Miss Monument is known for her versatile sets and playlists, pushingpumping bass driven dance floor beats with an eclectic injection of all things funky, ska, dub, jungle, bouncy and booty . Basically this girl plays anything that makes her want to dance while making sure everyone else is joining in the party with her!



Notorious for his meticulous production, uncompromising sound and punishing live performances, Ben produces full-on psy trance under the moniker Sabretooth, and new wave acid techno simply as Ben Fraser.

Ben launched Sabretooth Records label in 2005 as an outlet for his unique take on the underground acid techno trance sound. His production has now become synonymous with a crisp hi-tech sound, deep thundering basslines, hypnotising techno grooves and haunting effects…the whole laced with a hefty dose of acid!

11 EPs, 3 albums and countless gigs later, Ben continues to draw in followers with his deep, dark, driving sound…


Bringing you fat rolling acid techno from the north of the uk, Mobile Dogwash rocks the dance floor with his storming 303 driven sound.
It was 1997 when Mobile Dogwash starting producing acid techno in his hometown of Sheffield.
Not satisfied with the trappings of his studio, he soon earned himself a resident slot at the legendary Headcharge, the club responsible for playing the north’s most banging techno.
Mobile Dogwash honed his sound, his ears never far away from a speaker with London techno pouring from it. Six years after the project started, he collaborated with The Pranksterz, earning him his first release on Acid Test.
Since then, Mobile Dogwash has had releases on some of techno’s most reputable labels. Abusive 303, Acid Test, Acid Test Remix, Brain Gravy, Chase Yer Tail, Cluster, Corrosive, DIP, Hive, Injector, Interstate One, Scythe Squadron, Stay Up Forever Remix, Stay Up Forever & Wah Wah have all put out his work, with forthcoming releases on 303 Alliance, Abusive 303, Avin it, Chase Yer Tail, Project 303, & Suf Protest in the coming months.
Not the lone star that some DJs tend to be, Mobile Dogwash has regular company in the studio in varying forms; Ron Atomizer (who was a part of and helped develop the sound of Mobile Dogwash in the earlier days), Dave Atomizer (Twisted Tyrants), Si McLean (Acid Kazuals), Pablo Sonic Terrorist (Orgy of Distortion), Benji303 (Conspiracy Realists), Fabulous 23s and OB1 (Wake n Bake), plus future collaborations planned with Steve Mills, Tassid and Tik Tok.
Recently he has been back in the studio with Dynamic Intervention (results out on Chase Yer Tail) and has been working this year with acid techno legend The Geezer (two tracks recently out on Wah Wah, with a third blinder in the bag headed for vinyl) and acid techno ubermeister Sterling Moss. Mark Eg has been to the Dogwash studio just last month & they banged out a 303 driven rifftastic cracker – this will feature on Mark & Chrissy’s forthcoming acid label, along with two other tracks written with Dave Atomizer & MK303. Watch out for remixes & original tracks on Benji303’s forthcoming label 303 Alliance, plus more releases produced with the usual suspects Ron, Dave & Si.
Mobile Dogwash rocks the dance floor with his rolling hard acid sound and plays regularly across the width and breadth of UK and abroad. Highlights of Mobile Dogwash’s last year include playing at Boomtown Festival (Acidic/Raveyard) and across the sea in Ireland (Transformer Sounds).
This year looks set to be no less special, having rocked the Stay up Forever Collective Live Breathe Techno party in London, Dogwash will be playing the Raveyard at Boomtown 8th Aug, Aural Shock (Sheffield Aug 23rd), Reconstruct (Bristol Aug 29th), and a four date tour of Venezuela in October, hosted by the Old Skull Collective, starting with Invasion 303 in Caracas on 4th Oct.

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