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So here we are celebrating 15 years of Acidic with a mind blowing line up sure to go down a treat!.
Lets start by saying a massive thanks for all the support from you guys the ravers out there.
Also a massive thanks to all the crew that help me put these events on. Striking Lighting
Acidic has made it to 15 years without having a shit party yet. So lets make this one the one go down in history!

Here is the ticket link Copy and past link:    acidic.raveyardrecords.co.uk








Hardfloor is the project of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker from Duesseldorf, Germany and was formed in 1991 as the German acid and techno scenes were just in the beginning.

They released the 9-minute track “Acperience 1″ soon after deciding to inject a bit of bombast into the German scene. This ground-breaking single made their name instantly recognisable to worldwide clubbers. Utilizing since-standard compositional tools like long, melody-driven buildups and elaborate percussion breaks, the track became an instant dancefloor anthem and made Hardfloor a sought-after name for remix and production work.

Hardfloor remix credits include Mike Oldfield, The Shamen, New Order, Depeche Mode, Mory Kante a.s.o. and are also classics today.

Although the pair recorded briefly for the Eye Q label (“Let da Bass go “, “Drugoverlord”), most of the group’s early works has come out through Sven Vath’s influential Harthouse imprint, including a number of full-length releases and a consistent schedule of 12-inches and EPs

They have since evolved from the more simplistic floor-movers of their earlier work, incorporating elements of hip-hop, electro, breakbeat techno, and post-acid house styles like trip-hop and intelligent dance. Each new album release has seen a slights change in their musical style but the group remains committed to the smoldering edge of acid and the sound of the Roland TB 303 comprising the lion’s share of their recognizable sound.

Their signature manipulation of the Roland TB303 revolutionized the techno world – Ramon and Oliver became masterful at coaxing catchy sequences and basslines out of their multitude of magical silver boxes, a style that influenced a generation of young producers and has been endlessly imitated, never surpassed.

In 2011 they celebrated they´re 20th anniversary with the release of the CD-Box “20 – Two Decades Of Hardfloor”.

In 2014 they´ve released their 9th studio album with the significantly name “The Art Of Acid”.

In 2015 they´ve released a couple of 12“s and / or contributions on different labels.

At the moment they´re working on their tenth studio-album for their 25th Anniversary in 2016.



Chris Liberator - 1


Perhaps the most loved and respected Acid Techno D.J. of all time, it is fair to say that Chris has probably played more squat parties, underground raves, technivals, festivals, clubnights, and parties worldwide in his 18 years as a D.J. than any other person alive, and is still completely dedicated to the music and the scene he got involved with when he started doing parties with the other two Liberators, Julian and Aaron back in 1991.

STYLE : plays FUNKY TECHNO, HARD TECHNO, and ACID TECHNO. Also plays occasional Punk sets, and party sets of old 80’s dance, Hip-Hop and Reggae.

HAS PLAYED : all over U.K. and Ireland, all over Europe, Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Colombia and many other places. Was the first Acid Techno D.J. to play in Brazil, Venezuela and Poland and was instrumental in starting the movement in these countries which he still visits regularly..

PRODUCTIONS : Hundreds of releases and remixes on several labels under his own name or in collaborations with Lawrie Immersion, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, D.D.R., Geezer(Guy Mcaffer), Ant and many, many others on a range of labels old and new including Noom, Prolekult, Polymeric, Eukatech, Routemaster,Choci’s Chewns, Solid, Highland Beats, S.U.F.,Cluster, Smitten, TEC and many more . Is currently working hard on a whole range of new releases with Sterling Moss for release on a range of labels within the SUF collective and beyond, as well as occasional projects with Lawrie Immersion, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Guy “Geezer” Mcaffer, Darcmarc and Lenny Dee amongst others.

PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS : “ONE NIGHT IN HACKNEY” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Dynamo City), “LONDON ACID CITY” (as Lochi with Lawrie Immersion), “Soul Mantra”, “System Test”, “I’m Bored” (with Sterling Moss), “3 Day Illegal Rave Party From Hell” (with Punk Floyd) and many more…His album “Set Fire” was the first electronic music album to be released in Brazil.

ALBUMS : “Set Fire”, “Punk Floyd have Landed” (with Punk Floyd), “Welcome to the fluorescent era” and “The house that Ha-Lo built” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Ha-Lo).

DJ MIXES : “CL 01”,02 and 03 (Trust The DJ), “Walking The Dog” (Routemaster), “We Want You” (Malfaiteurs), “Prolekulture” (Prolekult), “Modernistic Acid Trance pt 3” (V.C.F.) and many more. With the Liberators he was also responsible for the seminal acid techno mixes “It’s not intelligent, it’s not from Detroit…but it is fucking ‘avin it” 1 and 2, and “Advanced technologies no.1” (Input).Latest mix release is the live “Maximum Minimum” set available for download from 909london.com.




From the underground rave scene’s earliest beginnings, to its most current and upfront versions and in all it’s wonderful forms and guises, DJ, Producer and on occasion Promoter Vinyl Junkie, has always been part of dance music culture’s vibrant and exciting day to day processes. Beginning his musical journey in 1989 and kicking off his professional career in 1991, Vinyl Junkie’s journey from then until now, has been one that has been highlighted in rave music infamy. From becoming an instant hit with the free party scene in the early nineties, to becoming a main stage artist for many of the underground’s mightiest promoters such as Universe, Fantazia and Raindance (as well as many, many, more). He has also become a regular fixture at Glastonbury Festival having played numerous prime-time sets in the Temple, The Cave and Salon Carousel.

Although he is best known for Old Skool Rave and the 140 Breakbeat sound, Vinyl Junkie has more recently started to put his stamp on the ever growing Jungle / Drum & Bass scene with the label, Ghetto Dub (which he jointly owns with partner Rachael E.C) going from strength to strength and releasing many a skull-cracking banger over the last few years. Just as prominent a part of the dance music movement now as he ever was in the early 90’s, Vinyl Junkie is nothing if not consistent in his approach to tune selection, performance and the all round entertainment style required to whip crowds up into a frenzy.

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/djvinyljunkie
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/djvinyljunkie
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalVinylJunkie




Matt Acidic is the creative mastermind of The Rave Yard stage @ Boomtown Fair. The Rave Yard started life as a micro venue hidden in the woods, but due to the popularity of the music and DJs 2017 will see a much larger stage, & sound system return. Matt works in close collaboration with the festival creators to produce a line up which is a treat for all lovers of underground music.
When not performing, Matt spends any spare time in the studio writing and producing tunes seeing the launch of Rave Yard Records in 2015 which has already gained huge success with several releases including one 4 track EP on vinyl and other digital downloads being mastered ready for release.
In between mixing and music production DJ Acidic is also the founder and promoter of ACIDIC, Bristol’s leading bi-annual underground techno event which takes place at AREA 81. The ACIDIC nights are legendary and will this year be celebrating 15 years of rocking the dance floor.
Matt’s musical style is heavily influenced by the London Techno scene with Acid Techno being his favorite style to DJ, although he’s well known across the dance scene for his mixing skills and can be found spinning tunes that encompass a variety of genres including Breaks, Psy Trance, Electro and House.
Matt’s DJ career took off in the early 00’s when he was first booked to DJ at Lunacy. Following this success Matt quickly gained a residency spot at Oblivious as well as securing regular DJ sets at numerous events across the U.K.  A massive highlight to date in Matt’s career has to be performing on the amazing Arcadia stage at the Glade festival.
For all dj bookings please contact: Matt on email: matt@djacidic.co.uk
For information on Acidic please contact:
For information on the Rave Yard please contact: matt@theraveyard.co.uk


Dynamic Intervention copy

Bristol based Mik Cree has been recording and Dj’ing under the Dynamic Intervention guise for the last 20 years; releasing countless tracks and dropping beats at events all across the globe.

Known for his distinctive underground 303 driven style, he has been one of the most prolific Hard House / NRG / producers in the UK, collaborating with many over the years (Captain Tinrib, Choci, Andy Farley, Paul Glazby, Justin Bourne, Acid Ted….) with over 100 releases on labels such as Tidy, Vicious Circle, Tripoli Trax, Cannon, Public House, Acid Test, Stay up Forever, and his own Dip recordings.

2015 is set to be an exciting year for Mik, with tracks already lined up for release incorporating Acid Techno and Psy Trance as well as his Trademark NRG sound.
Playing the Raveyard stage at the Boomtown Festival will be a highlight, as well as
regular nights, Acidic, Ripsnorter, and Tribe of Frog.


Cyber steve

Cyber Steve’s dj career started back in the early 90’s with the free party sound system Cyber Sounds. Based in Holland he was influenced by Dutch/Belgium techno & London acid techno scene. This saw Cyber Steve take his free party sound system all across Europe dj’ing at hundreds of parties in the free party scene.

During the late 1990’s Cyber Steve progressed the parties into the club scene with the launch of a night called Cohesion. The night was to be a big hit turning into one of the UK’s leading Acid techno nights. Cohesion hosted a variety of events showcasing Acid Techno alongside many other genres including Techno, Drum and Bass, Reggae and Punk. He was also heavily involved with the creation of Underground city, a collaboration seeing the likes of Cohesion and Skankadelic join forces to showcase some of the UK’s leading underground dance music.

Cyber Steve has produced many tunes over the years on some leading underground Techno labels such as the Cohesion record label Coh.uk Recordings, Wah Wah, Stay up forever Remixes, Snap n crackle, BR909 and many more.

Watch this space for future releases as 2015 see’s a return to the studio as Cyber Steve is planning a re-launch of the Cohesion record label with tunes already written for other labels and downloads.

Cyber Steve will also be releasing under the name K.A.S.R. (Killing All System Rules)



Pete D began spinning vinyl in 93 whilst living in Portland ME USA, his style is heavily influenced by the Acid House, Electro Hip Hop and very early Techno scene’s and the music he was buying and listening to out at raves. Pete began to perfect his DJ skills and turntable techniques at early rave parties in the New England area of the USA such as K C and Sunrise Gang, Pandemonium, Operation Boom, MERGE and Formula 409.
In 1996 Pete secured a weekly residency slot at Zoots nightclub Portland Maine spinning his alternative sets of Jacking house music and Techno. The year 99 saw Pete’s return to his native land in Bristol, UK, armed with his MPC2000 he began performing live Techno sets at events such as Freakency, Species, Lunacy, ACIDIC, Oblivious, and Radio Blue.
To date Pete maintains his prominence in the music scene running and promoting several regular club nights incorporating different genres of music from Old Skool to House to Techno & Drum & Bass. Brothers Grim is a collaborative of a few Bristol DJs who are pushing the boundaries and providing the city with some of the best underground Techno currently being played in the UK.
You can catch Pete (AKA The Dark Matter) regularly performing at events across Bristol including Acidic, Skool Dayz, Chrome with his set on the Rave yard at Boomtown Fair being a highlight of 2016.



Dirty Dilemma
Emma Dilemma loves to be down the front and won’t leave the dance floor all night…. So, she knows what sounds are needed to get everyone losing themselves in the music at the party! She played her first set at a house party when she was 21 and everybody loved it and begged for more. In the early 2000’s she would slam out some acid trance, hard energy and techno, and the partiers would totally have it. Dilemma played this type of music at all the major underground clubs in Bristol, festivals and house parties. She also played blinding sets at many outdoor free parties and ware house parties.
Then she moved on to some fat, squelchy bass lines by playing bad ass electro and break beat. DJ dilemma got the venue absolutely rocking and people would ask where she found such wicked tunes. In 2015 she was inspired at Boom Town Fair to buy some dark and dirty drum and bass. She likes it hard, fat and filthy, and can’t wait to play more of it at some up and coming parties in clubs and at Boom Town in 2016. Her new DJ name is now DIRTY Dilemma lol!



DJ Twisted
DJ Twisted is a veteran DJ/Promoter/Producer and music lover on the Bristol scene. He has mastered the art of diversity and oozes that infectious party vibe energy that gets you dancing every time. Resident DJ for Absolute Oldskool, Promoter for Funkin House and host of Globaldnb.com weekly Friday rinse out show DJ Twisted has the selection of perfection. Smashing sets all over Bristol for the likes of Fantazia, Tribe of Frog. Ripsnorter and more with special guest appearances at European festival Frequency DJ Twisted knows how to mash it up. Twisted also has several releases on Red Alfa and Blue Beck Records. Hold tight for more musical madness to come from the twisted generation.




techno Dj/promoter based in the south west
Mixing Techno\acid techno but with a slightly harder European influence.

started mixing on the decks back in 1996 with a love of techno
since then has been involved in various free party’s and events around the south west and wales area.
was part of the Animator free party crew. for a while but then went on to to his organize own events.
Co Owner/Founder of the BROTHERS GRIM since 2009

Highlights have been playing at Glastonbury festival and at The RaveYard booomtown



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